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Complete Guide to the World’s Most Hyped Future Tech

Car illustration, Artwork
Car illustration, Artwork
Photo by Jandy Aditya

The future of transportation is autonomous.

Humans want convenience; faster, easier, and safer transportation. Autonomous vehicles are currently hotter than ever, with 2021 set to be the year for new releases. Traditional automakers face an autonomous revolution — driven largely by the tech industry. “Cars are evolving into computers on wheels,” they said.

The tech giants Google, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, and Intel, are all developing this future technology. Alibaba’s AutoX and Baidu both released the very first Chinese robotaxis without a safety driver in December 2020. Russia’s Yandex has been operating its self-driving cars since 2018. American startup companies such as, …

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Classifying cross-topic natural language texts based on their argumentative structure using deep learning

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Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Argument mining, or argumentation mining, is one of the research topics in natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge representation learning. Argumentation deals with logical reasoning and is inherent to human intelligence. The goal of argument mining (AM) is to teach machines about argumentative structures. AM automates the identification and classification of arguments within texts. This allows specific searching of arguments related to a certain topic. Powerful AMs can play an important role in making decisions, writing persuasive texts, and assigning legal reasonings.

This article shows a straightforward, easy to understand, and quick implementation of AM in Python using machine learning…

Control simulation of a mechanical system using a neural network-based model predictive control algorithm

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[Photo by Mathew Schwartz]

Automation and control engineering plays a crucial role in the industry. The application ranges from robotics, manufacturing, process systems, medicine, finance, energy management, and even epidemiology. In the last decades, a lot of intelligent control methods have been developed. In this article, I will show you how to combine artificial neural networks and model predictive control. We will study the case of controlling a nonlinear Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) system by real-time (online) learning.


Modern control systems often have multiple inputs and multiple outputs with nonlinear behavior. As a mechanical engineering undergrad, I learned that physical systems can be modeled as a…

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Engineering student based in Germany. Interests include science, future tech, AI, geography, chess, and football.

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